Eiza Lawn By UA Textiles Summer collection 2013 has been introduced entitles as "Royal Designer" in sharp color schemes contains 14 Lawn prints.A good Designer creativity that present the old art work and embroidery profiles of different part of Pakistan like Kashmiri Sketch, Balochi Outline, Sindhi Hand embroidery applied with the printing technique and presented a unique print style sheet.Eiza Lawn know that now people wear clothes not only to cover the body but also be with fashion trends and look pretty and charming so multidimensional role of garment make it more attractive and increase the business.Clothing9 selected a astonished Eiza Royal Designer Lawn Magazine 2013 for summer fantasies.UA Textiles Lawn detailed with thread work applied with machines on classic prints to cover the needs of Fashion 2013 and latest lifestyle.Have a closer look by clicking any image to enlarge of Eiza lawn By UA Textiles Summer 2013.
Eiza Royal Designer Lawn Magazine 2013-2014

Eiza Lawn Collection  2013 exclusive footage

Eiza Lawn Balochi Print Dress


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