Life is beautiful, but what if it become colorful too. LIfe is the name of colors. So today we have picked Gul Ahmed Summer Collection 2014 Vol-1 to introduce the idea of how you can fill colors in life with Gul Ahmed lawn dresses? In beautiful Lawn Collection 2014, gul ahmed introduced wide range of array of colors, prints, styles and fabrics for summer runway. The lawn dresses are filled with wonders of nature in a playful style and creativity. In this Gulahmed lawn 2014 Clothing9 has lumped the Block Print,  Chunri lawn Print, Moroccan Lawn, Chiffon Lawn, and Truck Art Printed Lawn in one unit. But the elite lawn prints has been transformed into creative fuse of eastern art and western trims infill in exhilaration, enthusiasm and jubilation of festivity with exuberance. Gul Ahmed Lawn Collection 2014-15 Volume-1 is consist of elaborate and technically marvelous lawn outfits. Gul ahmed has provided a high class fashion for summer being with traditional art and style which is enough to influence women's mind and soul. According to our views, these briefly and simply designed lawn prints would be big hit to dazzle the fashion industry. Gul ahmed diversification approach to grow the business is really worthy to praise.

 Gul Ahmed Summer Lawn Collection Vol-1 2014

Block Print

 Normal Lawn

Chiffon Lawn

Psychedelic Lawn Prints 2014

Gul Ahmed Prima Lawn 2014

Chunri Print

Gul Ahmed Chunri Lawn Collection 2014

Gul Ahmed Lawn Volume-1

In this Collection a wide variety of printing like Chunri art or Tye and dye dresses are very prominent, Chunri is popular technique to dye dresses in south Asian countries and in its also known as regional folk dying technique of Sindhi communities. To created innovative Chnri designs on fabrics different type of things like match sticks, chickpeas tie with thread and then dye. Chunri Printing style is also familiar with thaap craft in rural areas. One other popular yet old printing style is Block printing in which we use wood block, in which patterns are drawn inside via cutting the wood. This season Gul Ahmed also introduced the truck art in which designer team of the The Original Lawn has applied the truck art classic prints in A beautiful Life Lawn prints 2104. Here is the complete range of The Original Lawn Prints 2014 by Gul Ahmed.

Lawn in Summer Collection 2014

Chunri Printed Lawn

Moroccan Lawn

Summer Printed Lawn Dresses

Gul Ahmed Printed Lawn

Gul Ahmed Summer Lawn Designs 2014

Truck Art Printed Lawn 2014


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