India is originally recognize as land of fashion, and great diversity of fashion exist in every state of India with regional taste. Since; the globalization has significantly affected the world we have observed the great western influence in Indian fashion. From traditional Saree to Salwar Kameez, Churidar and Anarkali, Every Indian fashion have undergone with global influence. Still the fashion trend of india is going under the global influence;  because- the demands of market are changing everyday. Few years ago Churidar was used with Anarkali frocks, Pishwas or long flowy gowns but now fashion designers has joined the Churidar with traditional cropped Kameez and it is increasing popularity among ladies. The bold patterns of Churidar Kameez are capturing women's attention, so girls has started wearing Indian Churidar Kameez designs in social gathering, parties, informal meetings as well casually. Hence, we have collected short kameez with Churidar designs for girls from the world of fashion.This Churidar kameez collection contains very comfortable fashion wear inspired with Pakistani way of dressing. Fashion designer has introduced graceful, simple and clean cuts in the shirts and connected with Indian churidar. In Indian Churidar Fashion 2014 we can see the influence of Pakistani fashion on Indian clothing. The right blend of soft hues with sharp tones has poured the unseen beauty in Indian Fashion and the pure eastern touch has made the churidar dresses flawless.  Let's have a peak.

Indian Fashion of Churidar Dresses

Churidar Fashion with Short Kameez

Indian Fashion for Girls 2014

Churidar Dress with Cropped Kameez
South Asian Churidar Design

Pakistani Inspired Churidar Dresses

Printed Kameez with Churidar

Casual Wear Churidar Fashion 2014

Indian Churidar Designs 2014

Embroidered Churidar Fashion

Front Open Shirt with Churidar Pajama

Collar Necklines on Churidar Fashion


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